Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Schemes Through TMS320c6713DSK for Cognitive Radio Networks

Naik, Jhasketan (2015) Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Schemes Through TMS320c6713DSK for Cognitive Radio Networks. MTech thesis.



Utilization of available radio spectrum has always been a matter of concern now a days due to the growing interests of wireless applications. This is due to the fact that spectrum is a scarce and precious natural resource. Then again, a static spectrum allocation policy adopted by government of many countries has prompted underutilization of spectrum because a vast segment of licensed radio spectrum is not viably used. Cognitive radio is a propelled innovation in the modern wireless communication system which gives a new and diverse approach to enhance utilization efficiency of available spectrum resource. Spectrum Sensing is one of the key tasks for Cognitive Radio which prevents the unwanted interferences with authorized users to recognize available radio spectrum and enhance the usage of spectrum. It helps to recognize the unutilized spectrum bands also known as spectrum holes. A comparative study for various spectrum sensing schemes has been presented in this paper. Several spectrum sensing strategies exist in the literature. Many Non-cooperative detection schemes have been incorporated in this paper. However, detection performance is frequently traded off with multipath fading receiver uncertainty and shadowing problems. To moderate the effect of these problems, Cooperative Detection has been demonstrated to be a promising technique to enhance the performance of detection by combining sensing information of multiple cognitive radio users. This thesis is extensively based on the analysis of various spectrum sensing technology through simulation results using TMS320C6713DSK and Code Composer Studio by Texas Instrument (TI) and then compared with the results obtained from MATLAB.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Cognitive Radio,Spectrum sensing,TMS320c6713DSK,Code composer studio
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