Comparison of Pedestrian Fundamental Diagrams through Experiment and Field Observations

Nayak, Sonali (2015) Comparison of Pedestrian Fundamental Diagrams through Experiment and Field Observations. MTech thesis.



Walking is the simplest form of transportation and yield basic mobility. Various empirical studies and a series of experiments have done to understand pedestrian dynamics. As pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users, prediction of pedestrian movements is valuable in many contexts. Pedestrian behave differently under different situations. Different factors like age, gender and gender mix conditions are considered in this thesis. The data collected in both field and experimental study with respect to these above mentioned factors i.e like age, gender and gender mix conditions. This study was directed in two stages, In the first stage, we led the studies and the related research works on pedestrian movement in different spaces or locations i.e collection of field data and its representation of fundamental diagrams and review of the behavior that is influenced by environment and other factors. In the second phase, puts forth to describe the pedestrian motion in experimental observation which was conducted under ideal , the absence of uncontrollable disturbing factors such as side by side pedestrian movement, tail back effect and overtaking etc. The experimental set up for simple single file pedestrian flow with boundary condition. Various disturbing factors are avoided in the experimental studies. Differences of pedestrian flow in between field observation and conducted experimental observation are studied through hypothesis testing.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Pedestriandynamics, fundamental diagram,hypothesis test.
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