Synthesis and Characterization of WO3 Nanowedge for Electrochromic Application

Swain, Rajashree (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of WO3 Nanowedge for Electrochromic Application. BTech thesis.



Tungsten trioxide is one of the materials that impart multi-functional application in its nanosized form. However, electrochromism is one such application that has been primely researched. Herein, synthesis of nanostructured WO3 is carried and studied their electrochemical properties. Hydrothermal method has been chosen for the synthesis of hexagonal WO3 nanowedge. The prime control over hydrothermal duration was performed to understand its influence over crystal structure, crystallinity and phase. With respect to change in hydrothermal duration morphology formation mechanism has been discussed using X-ray diffraction and imaging technique. The present synthesis uses organic compound namely citric acid as the structure directing reagent. FT-IR spectroscopy is analyzed to understand the various structural and functional groups. A simple dip coating of WO3 nanowedge onto ITO substrate has been used to carry forward the electrochemical properties. These studies illustrated that wedge-like WO3 nanoparticles prepared in 24 h hydrothermal duration have a hexagonal phase of length 1.5 m and of thickness 320 nm. By means of UV–vis diffuse reflection absorption spectra and BET technique, the optical properties and specific surface area of the hexagonal has been studied. This fabricated electrode exhibits appreciable electrochromic property

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydrothermal synthesis, WO3 Nanowedge, electrochromism
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Engineering and Technology > Ceramic Engnieering > Nanotechnology
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