Computation of Dispersion Penalty for the Analysis of WDM Link Quality

Wakkarlawar, Narsingrao Ravindra (2015) Computation of Dispersion Penalty for the Analysis of WDM Link Quality. MTech thesis.



The provisioning of light path over WDM/DWDM network is a challenging factor, which depends on various physical layer impairments such as dispersion in fiber. We proposed a light path provisioning mechanism by considering the effect of dispersion in fiber termed as dispersion penalty, which is the prominent effect at high speed WDM network. In the case of non-ideal filter, light path provisioning without considering the physical layer impairments does not satisfy the signal quality guaranteed transmission. In this algorithm, Quality of Service is described in terms of dispersion penalty values with an assumption that the entire client has a requirement of penalty less than 2 Db. Here we have analyzed the degradation in bit rate due to the effect of dispersion. The maximum possible length of fiber is also reduced due to high dispersion in fiber. Dispersion penalty is the increment in the received power to eliminate the effect of some undesirable distortion in optical fiber. Dispersion penalty is calculated in terms of bit rate and band width for each data path. The proposal of dispersion penalty budgeting is to ensure that the optical power reaching the receiver is adequate under all circumstances. The proposed algorithm defines a mechanism for effective light path provisioning by comparing the requirement of client and the available resources of the network.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WDM/DWDM, Dispersion Penalty, Penalty Budgeting, Light Path Provisioning, Physical Layer Impairments
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Optical Character Recognition
Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Data Transmission
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