Animation: A Learning Tool

Bopche, Punit Kumar (2015) Animation: A Learning Tool. BTech thesis.



Childhood has changed rapidly over the past few years and the methods that we use as teachers and educators of children and young people should reflect these changes. Children learn best and most when they enjoy what they are doing. Using animation as a tool to encourage and develop children’s learning is not only fun but effective! This thesis presents the Animation as an effective learning tool. The very common definition of Animation is representation of images to create an illusion of movement. If I draw a series of images, showing a man walking with each picture having one specific position of his leg movement. If we show these entire set of images one after other real quick, the man magically seems to move! This is the basic ideology behind animation. The project start with research work dealing with the understanding of animation, colours used in a particular scenes where one is trying to focus, psychological behaviour of colours and its impact on viewer. In movie’s colour graphics use of colours is very clear, intensity of colours are used in such a way that it doesn’t distract the person watching it or disturb the person in some mean and which looks amusing to the viewer. Colour graphics in any movie, whether with living character or animated describe the scenes with talk between the character, their motion and the scenery means background. Many times it’s the scenery which attract the people and also character looks beautiful in that scenery. But it’s very important to their intensity of which is used as a more informal knowledge source and understanding the problem of students awareness and their attitude towards the computer graphics and how they use it to increase their knowledge about the animation, graphics and specially colour graphics and it challenges the psychology behind understanding the things if taught with help of graphics or motion of pictures. The research trying to state that basic things and general information can be shown or told directly but through animation or graphics specially colour graphics it leaves a mark on people’s mind and it is interesting and it’s easy to understand if taught with a better understanding of colours and way animation should be represented, so nobody gets bored and student enjoy watching it.

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