Design of High Performance SRAM Based Memory Chip

Anil Kumar, Sarika (2015) Design of High Performance SRAM Based Memory Chip. MTech thesis.



The semiconductor memory SRAM uses bi-stable latch circuit to store the logic data 1 or 0. It differs from Dynamic RAM (DRAM) which needs periodic refreshment operation for the storage of logic data. Depending upon the frequency of operation SRAM power consumption varies i.e. it consumes very high power at higher frequencies like DRAM. The Cache memory present in the microprocessor needs high speed memory hence SRAM can be used for that purpose in microprocessors. The DRAM is normally used in the Main memory of processors, where importance is given to the density than its speed. The SRAM is also used in industrial subsystems, scientific and automotive electronics. In this thesis 16-Kb Memory is designed by using memory banking method in UMC 90nm technology ,which operates at a frequency of 1GHz.The post layout simulation for the complete design is performed and also obtained power analysis for the overall design. All peripherals like pre-charge, Row Decoder, Word line driver, Sense amplifier, Column Decoder/Mux and write driver are designed and layouts of all the above peripherals also drawn in an optimised manner such that their layout occupies minimum area. The 6T SRAM cell is designed with operating frequency of 8 GHz and stability analysis are also performed for single SRAM cell. The layout of Single SRAM cell is drawn in a symmetric manner, such that two adjacent cells can share same contact, which results reduction in the area of cell layout. The Static Noise Margin, Read noise margin and Write Noise Margin of single cell are found to be 240mV, 115mV and 425mV respectively for a supply voltage of 1V.The effect of pull-up ratio and cell ratio on the stability of SRAM cell is observed.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:SRAM, Monolithic Architecture, Memory Banking, Stability Analysis.
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