Design of Microstrip Antennas for Wideband Applications

Naresh Kumar, M and Ravi Kumar, Kunchela (2015) Design of Microstrip Antennas for Wideband Applications. BTech thesis.



Microstrip or patch antennas are getting to be progressively valuable on the grounds that they can be printed specifically onto a circuit board. They are broadly utilized as a part of flying machines, satellites, mobile, wireless application where size, weight, cost, ease of installation, aerodynamic profile are constraints, low profile like microstrip antennas may be needed. Hence design and development of cost effective and superior microstrip patch antenna has become an active research area. The size reduction and impedance bandwidth improvement lies in great importance in today’s life.This thesis presents design of microstrip antennas for wireless applications. Four antennas designed are presented in the following chapters. The first design is a compact dual band microstrip antenna which produces dual band characteristics. The second design is a compact wideband microstrip antenna that has wideband characteristics which have applications in health care,medical field like health monitoring and imaging in intensive health care units,pediatric units,emergency situation like heart beat rescue. The third one is the Design of circularly polarized microstrip patch antenna using a pair of inserted slits. The fourth one is the design of hexagonal shaped patch antenna using coplanar waveguide feed. The antennas designed above have better radiation characteristics with improved bandwidth.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Radiation Pattern, Microstrip Antennas, Wideband, Dual Band, Coplanar Waveguide. Circularly Polarised
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