Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students of NIT Rourkela

Neeraj Kumar, M (2015) Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students of NIT Rourkela. MA thesis.



In India all round efforts consisting of stimulatory, support and sustaining activities are being made for development of entrepreneurship. It is now realized that entrepreneurship is needed not only for promotion of small enterprises but it is needed for medium and large enterprises also; it is required not only in business sector and for business enterprises but entrepreneurs are needed in all sectors of the economy, and for all types of organizations. Therefore government is making an all round, all comprehensive, all pervasive efforts for stimulating entrepreneurial activities among the society. A number of governmental and nongovernmental organizations are working hard for motivating entrepreneurs. Government is providing various incentives, facilities, concessions, benefits, and subsidies for attracting more and more people to venture into entrepreneurial careers. In spite of all these, expected outcome is not at all observed for the activity of entrepreneurship development. Not many people are being attracted towards entrepreneurship as their deliberate choice. Educated youth look at entrepreneurship as the last resort when all other options fail. It is very essential to identify the factors which prohibit people from entering into entrepreneurial careers and find out the factors which influences the entrepreneurial intentions and thereby boost up the process of entrepreneurial development. While the quantity of enterprise instruction projects is developing, their effect is under-inquired about and studies paint an uncertain photo of the effect of business training. This paper examine accordingly means to add to the comprehension of the effect of business training on entrepreneurial intention and finds out the factors which influences the entrepreneurial intention. The results validate an inconsequential effect of enterprise training on entrepreneurial plan. This unimportant effect was not directed by the length of an enterprise training. Be that as it may, the individuals who were independently employed toward the end of the enterprise project had essentially higher entrepreneurial plan toward the start of the system contrasted with the individuals who had not get to be independently employed. An examination of the improvement of entrepreneurial proposition after the end of an enterprise project demonstrated that following six months entrepreneurial aims had diminished altogether. Business enterprise instruction is affirmed to be a real wellspring of uplifting triggers that absolutely affect on entrepreneurial aim. From a hypothetical viewpoint this study adds to the further improvement and utilization of the hypothesis of arranged conduct to business enterprise training, in this manner supporting the connection between entrepreneurial aim and independent work and including a further directing variable of maintenance after the end of a business enterprise program. From a reasonable perspective, it gives proposals on the best way to setup business enterprise training projects and how to encourage a domain, in which motivations are activated. In the present study, an attempt is made to present some useful and interesting information pertaining to the factors which influences entrepreneurship among the students and also to assess the impact of an entrepreneurship course to boost up the intention of students of NIT Rourkela, India.

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