Design and Analysis of Router Architectures for NoC

Pottepalem, Siddhardha (2015) Design and Analysis of Router Architectures for NoC. MTech thesis.



The advance of process technology keeps on reducing the device size. As a result, the number of processing elements that can be integrated on a single chip (SoC) increases. The reduction in the device size also reducing the gate delay compared to the wire delay giving rise to increase in the frequency of operation of the devices. Further, in order to reduce the design time to market the communication system must support the plug and play architecture and should support design reuse. The conventional on-chip communication architecture, which consists of point-to-point connection and bus infrastructure, may not be able to provide sufficient communication requirements for SoC in terms of increasing the frequency of operation, providing reliability and flexibility. Further, conventional communication systems used for on-chip communication are not scalable and does not support design reuse. The NOC design represents a new paradigm to design multi-processor SoC which is scalable and supports design reuse. The NOC architecture uses layered protocols and packet switched networks which consist of on-chip routers, links and network interface on a predefined topology. NoC requires many on-chip resources which can increase the cost, area and power consumption. The efficiency of the NoC depends on how the resources are utilized for traversing the packet from source to destination which is determined by the flow control mechanism. The components which are used in the NoC for establishing communication between the modules of SoC were designed using VERILOG HDL. Different types of router architectures used by NoC were also designed mentioning their merits and demerits and their area and power consumption was also estimated

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Uncontrolled Keywords:system-on-chip, plug and play, network-on-chip, processing element, flexibility
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