Design and Fabrication of Underwater Robot

Mishra, Manu (2015) Design and Fabrication of Underwater Robot. MTech thesis.



Underwater robot or vehicle refers to an autonomous robot equipped with suitable equipment, sensors and actuators which enable it to navigate in the underwater environment. In the recent years, under water robots have played an important role in many under water operations and research. There is an increase in the research in this area because of the wide application of the autonomous under water robots in many issues like exploring underwater life, environment and resources, carrying out scientific as well as military tasks under water. Underwater Robots are important and substantial tools for achieving various actions and these have increasing applications in various discovering and observing underwater environments. Due to the various uncertainties in the underwater environment and the dynamic behavior, designing and fabrication of the underwater robot is difficult task. Various parameters are needed for monitoring and controlling during the implementation of a certain task with an underwater robot. Hence, research in this area of monitoring and designing of the underwater robots has become a challenge for engineers and has been also taken up by many researchers. The design is the most important step in manufacturing of an underwater robot, and its salient features play an important role whenever we have to choose an underwater robot for a specific mission or research purpose. These robots are continuously substituting the human divers for performing various tasks that over-risk our human life. This research focuses on the design and fabrication of an underwater robot having a PVC hull, a frame, motors and various sensors like depth sensor and sonar sensor have been incorporated as its main accessories. Fuzzy technique has been used for the control of thrusters and navigation purposes

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Fabrication,Underwater Robot,Fuzzy,Navigation
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