Design and Implementation of Smart-Street Light System Using ARDUINO UNO

Meher, Swadhin (2015) Design and Implementation of Smart-Street Light System Using ARDUINO UNO. BTech thesis.



Smart Street Light spotlights on different restriction and difficulties identified with traditional and old street lights that are confronted now days and the answer for the deal with those issues by embracing the vision of a smart street light. The noteworthiness of this vision is "a completely mechanized bidirectional force conveyance of power and information between the road lights and all the directions in the middle". Smart street lights are vitality effective as well as extremely dependable. The primary thought in the present field advances are computerizations, power utilization, and expense adequacy. Automation is implied for the decrease of labor as the human has gotten to be excessively occupied and even incapable, making it impossible to discover time to switch the lights. Presently a day’s everybody are mindful of the availability of limited power sources like coal, biomass, and hydro and so on. Unnecessary wastage of power in the street lights is one of the noticeable power loss. Two sensors viz. The light dependent resistor (LDR) and object sensor which are utilized as a part of the smart street light framework to recognize day and light and distinguish the movement of walker and vehicle separately. The LDR identifies the vicinity of daylight and naturally turn off the street lights in the day time and turn it on without daylight which decrease the issue of manual switching of road lights. The object sensors identifies the movement of any object and offer command to the microcontroller to glow the road lights with 100% intensity and without any movement in the street give command to the microcontroller to glow with 10% of its maximum intensity. Here I have utilized an Arduino Uno to control all the command from LDR and Object Sensor and execute them legitimately. Fundamentally it acts as the mind of the entire framework

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