Characterization of Bio-Oil and Upgradation to Dieseloil

Mohanty, Sujit Kumar (2015) Characterization of Bio-Oil and Upgradation to Dieseloil. BTech thesis.



Because of the shortage of the conventional fuels, the price is increasing at a higher rate and a time will come when all will be deprived of these resources. Due to these fuels there is also increase in pollution; hence there is a requirement to find alternative energy sources for the automobile and industrial uses. So taking the above mentioned problem into account, the present analysis is done by taking tyre oil which was produced by the pyrolysis of the waste bicycle tyres. Thermal pyrolysis is one of the renewable advancements where waste tyre is pyrolysed into fuel oil, carbon dark, and ignitable gas under the activity of sensible mechanical conditions. This innovation sensibly and successfully arranges waste tyre without contamination, and is successful in delivering fuel that can lessen energy emergency. In a semi batch reactor thermal pyrolysis of waste tyre was carried out at a temperature range of 450ºC to 800ºC. The ideal pyrolytic oil of 49.6% was obtained at 600ºC for tyre. Standard test techniques were used to found out the physical characteristics of the tyre oil and the chemical constituents were analyzed by using GC-MS, FTIR analyzer. Crude bio-oil formed by quick pyrolysis comprises of a complex mixture of different oxygenated compounds which keep its utilization specifically as a fuel. The target of this examination is to enhance the bio-oil quality. Besides, the troubles and scope were briefly described along with some suggestions based on upgrading and applications of bio oil.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Conventional Fuels,Tyre Oil, Upgradation, Pyrolysis, GCMS, FTIR
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