Design of an Automatic Trolley

Mahil, Ansh and Rajput, Dheerendra Singh (2015) Design of an Automatic Trolley. BTech thesis.



In today's life style, daily tone’s of goods and products are produced and they are carried or transported from one place to another. The journey of transportation of the products can be form a mile to 1000's of miles. For transporting the goods or products, some source of mobile things like trucks, trolley, carriage, ship, train, aeroplane etc , are required to carry those items. Some goods weigh's some kilo's to some of the goods to tonnes which are transported as per the requirement of the user. Some of the transportation aid's are automatic like trucks, train, ship etc, while some of the transportation aid's are manual based like trolleys, carriage, rickshaws etc, which require the manual help to pull or push them over the journey of the transportation. As per today's life style time is money in some words, so time of transportation is directly proportional to the cost of products and profit gained from. Thus to achieve short time period transportation journey the carrier should be sufficiently able to provide as much as low time period, thus it should be more advance and more comfortable to the user. In present work, the focus is given on the time period, comfort, advancement, low cost, and mainly manual work is aimed to be reduced as much as possible. The model here made aims on providing automatic motion to the user with the help of some external sources so that the time of transportation can be reduced so as to increase the efficiency of carrier and to increase the profit. An attempt is made here in this work on enlargement of the space of the platform so that more and more goods can be transported at one time. But the enlargement of platform made here is portable i.e. can be increased or decreased as per the requirement of the user and quantity of the goods. Further emphasis is given on the weight of the trolley so that the motion can be executed with ease and in less time period user can perform the work. The design is validated by developing digital mock up generated in CATIA V5 and are assembled to form a final product. Physical prototype including the structure and functionality is developed using wood and ABS material

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