Location Management Techniques in Cellular Network: a Novel Approach

Nath, Nilakanth Prajnaranjan (2015) Location Management Techniques in Cellular Network: a Novel Approach. MTech thesis.



Communication had become the necessity of our lives. It is no longer just a way to communicate with each other. It is now a part of our life. Most of this changes are the result of the rapid growth in mobile industry. The number of subscribers are increasing in an exponential manner. At current stage the number of mobile devices had already crossed the total human population of our planet. But this high paced increase in number of subscribers had brought in some new and challenging problems into the eld also. Particularly the problem of ccommodating this huge number of subscribers into the limited amount of spectrum, withoutcompromising the Grade of Service. In this thesis we had tried to address this issue by reducing the spectrum utilization in the location management. Location management are the set of techniques that are used by the telecom provider to determine the current location of the user (location update) and to inform the user regarding an incoming call (paging). Both of this process consumes a huge portion of the available spectrum. This thesis presents a dynamic pro le based location management technique that optimizes both these technology. When simulated using actual user data, the algorithm shows it is 3 times more ecient than the conventional paging and 2 times more ecient compared to other intelligent paging algorithms. Similarly in case of location update, the algorithm shows an improvement of 17% compared to the conventional technique. The thesis also includes a comparison between sequential paging and concurrent paging based on parameters like probability of channel being busy,average waiting time per user etc.The novelty of this work is that it uses CDR (Call Data Record) to pro le the users. And the algorithm is implemented on actual user data rather than any theoretically predicted data. The optimization is done at individual user level. So the optimization achieved through the proposed algorithm is greater compared to other algorithms. The final output shows promising result specically in terms of bandwidth conservation

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Location Management, Paging, Location Update, Profile Based Location Management, Dynamic Location Management, Hypo-LA Paging, PCMD
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