Geographical Parameter Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Fuzzy Logic for Isolated PV System

Soren, Karmila (2015) Geographical Parameter Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Fuzzy Logic for Isolated PV System. MTech thesis.



In the run of non-conventional energy resources, it beneficial to optimize the resources for the operation. One can look for fetching maximum power from the source such as PV system. So the photovoltaic MPPT system is developed by combining the models established of solar PV module and DC-DC boost converter. MPPT technique has a quick response and can track the peak power generated in any weather condition. As a result, MPPT strategies should be deployed to ensure the tracking of the MPP of nonlinear PV characteristics. To achieve the objective, conventionally numerous algorithms have been applied in the literature. However, such algorithm ignored the environmental effect such as weather, dust factor, which dynamics is difficult to construct. The effect of various geographical parameters on the efficiency and the performance of photovoltaic cells. To overcome this problem, Fuzzy logic can be applied to achieve the goal. As fuzzy logic is operator rule base platform, one needn’t to depend upon system model. In this work, fuzzy logic is applied to operate at maximum power point of PV system. It had observed that fuzzy logic based maximum power point tracker works more efficiently when environmental factors considered along with electrical parameters. Here consider 3 cases to track the maximum power of PV system, such as case-1(radiation and temperature), case-2 (radiation, temperature and change in power) and case-3 (radiation, temperature, and change in power and dust factor). The above three cases affect to design the solar cell and taken into consideration.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Photovoltaics, Maximum power point, Fuzzy logic MPPT, Geographical parameters
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Systems > Renewable Energy
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