Green Function for Delta Potential and One Loop Correction to Quantum Electrodynamic Scattering Process

Kishore, Raj (2015) Green Function for Delta Potential and One Loop Correction to Quantum Electrodynamic Scattering Process. MSc thesis.



Greens function a technique used to solve in general non homogeneous differential equations. It is basically a correlation function. Its application in high energy physics in finding the propagators has discussed here. In this paper, its application in quantum physics to and Greens functions for quantum operators and its solutions has the main focus. By knowing the Greens function we can calculate density of states. In this paper, contains a detail calculations to find the Greens function for single and double delta function potential and then analysis of the bound state. In particle physics one of the main observable concern for the experiment is the scattering cross-section. Physicists used the perturbation theory to approximate results of the scattering process, as we do not have the exact knowledge of scattering process. In the higher order corrections, due to loops, the amplitude expression for the Feynman diagram diverges. We apply a theory of renormalization to get a physically possible results. This paper start with the basic introduction to renormalization theory then its application to quantum electrodynamics scattering process. I have briefly discussed all three types of loops found in QED and focused mainly on the vacuum polarization (photon self energy) corrections which give the charge renormalization.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Green's function, Delta potential, Renormalization, Loop correction, Radiative correction, Vacuum polarization, Vertex correction, Charge renormalization
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