Growth of Boundary Layer on Smooth and Rough Surface

Sahu, Ravi Kumar (2015) Growth of Boundary Layer on Smooth and Rough Surface. BTech thesis.



At the point when genuine liquid streams past a strong body or a strong divider, the liquid particles follow to the limit and condition of no slip happens. This implies that the velocity of liquid near to the limit will be same as that of limit. On the off chance that the limit is stationary, the speed of liquid at the limit will be zero. Further away from the Limit, the speed will be higher and as a consequence of this variety of velocity, the speed inclination will exist. The speed of liquid increments from zero speed on the stationary limit to the free stream speed of the liquid in the heading typical to the limit. This variety of speed from zero to free stream speed in the course typical to the limit takes place in a limited area in the region of strong limit. This thin district of liquid is called Boundary Layer. For the basic understanding of flow characteristics over a flat smooth plate and rough surfaces, the experiment was carried out in the laboratory using Airflow Bench (AF14). Readings of the boundary layer were taken at giving Reynolds number corresponding to laminar through turbulent flows. The height of the boundary layer ranges from 0.5 mm to 1.3mm.then the parameters like displacement thickness were calculated from the velocity profile .The boundary layer growth over the glass plate and rough surface was found out with the help of velocity profiles at different locations. The boundary layer growth gives a brief idea of fluid flow over a flat surface and Rough Surface.

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