Modified Scheduling Service Workflow in Hybrid Cloud

Ansari, Toseef Ahmed (2015) Modified Scheduling Service Workflow in Hybrid Cloud. MTech thesis.



Workflow is used to represent variety of application which requires massive data computation and storage. To overcome this need of data computation and storage cloud computing has emerged as one of the best solution for on demand resource provider. But sometimes the resources available to us may not be sufficient, so the need arises to gather more sources from other clouds. This is done by using the Hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is combination of public and private cloud. The private cloud is owned by the user thus there are no extra charges for using the resources available in it, whereas public cloud is owned by others so we have to pay for the using the resource as per the uses. The use of the hybrid cloud provides elasticity to the user. While using the hybrid cloud, two most important question arises. The first one is how to divide the workflow. And the second one is that which resource we need to borrow from the public cloud so that it can meet our requirement within the specified deadline. The modified scheduling service workflow for hybrid cloud give the less makespan for the DAG than the original algorithm and provide us the best resources that we need to borrow from public cloud so as to have enough processing power to schedule the workflow within given deadline.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
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