Motion Control of Automated Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environment

Rath, Mihir Kanta (2015) Motion Control of Automated Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environment. MTech thesis.



Autonomous mobile robot navigation had been a challenge for the researches from decades. Control and navigation of mobile robot in unknown environment is burning topic in the field of robotics. Several researchers have done lot of contribution in robot navigation problem. A general robot navigation problem includes features like obstacle detection and avoidance, smooth travel and reaching of a particular goal position. Among these aspects the obstacle avoidance part is of paramount importance in robot navigation problem. The robot will avoid the collision with objects if it has the ability to sense obstacle, take decision and move away from obstacle that means the robot should be intelligent and Intelligence can be achieved through programming. Here the main goal is to design and develop multiple intelligent mobile robots for autonomous navigation in unknown dynamic environment. Deployment of multiple mobile robots in unknown environment is worthwhile compared to single mobile robot. At the same time it will add more complexity and difficulty in controlling all the mobile robots. Multi-robot cooperation has lot of implications like target seeking, search and rescue, and disaster control. The obstacle avoidance issue of multiple mobile robots in unknown dynamic environment is addressed in this paper. For better motion control and obstacle avoidance PSO algorithm is used. In future goal seeking task of the mobile robots will be performed.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PSO; Autonomous Navigation; Mobile Robot
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