Multi-Cellular Heterogenous VHO Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic System

Biswal, Samahita (2015) Multi-Cellular Heterogenous VHO Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic System. BTech thesis.



The need for data services with more bandwidth is increasing. Highspeedinternet and intranet access, video conferencing, various multimedia services, is in demand. WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks) can providehighspeed access to network resources. WLANs working at the datarate of as high of 600 Mbps are already in use. Now new mobile generations are emerging thatcan provide data services like GPRS technology (2.5G), which is already in use, can support up to 171 Kbps data rate and UMTS (3G) can provide up to 2 Mbps. An interworking can be implemented between WLANs and mobile networks so that they complement each other. Thus we can utilize the benefits of both these kind of technologies which can be useful for the mobile users. In certain places very high speed and low cost data services are highly desired. These are the hotspots. WLANs can give both low cost data services with a high speed.So WLANs can be highly useful to the mobile users in the hotspots. WLANs help to provide the user with cheap and cost effective high bandwidth data services. A mobile terminal can easily change its point of contact from a WLAN to a cellular network while roaming, thus availing a seamless connection. Hence here support of mobility is highly essential. This will make the availability of a large amount of bandwidth possible for the user thus it will save both cost and power consumption. This interworking will reduce traffic and interference in the mobile network. A reliable handoff (HO) algorithm is highly essential for a seamless connection in cellular communication. New HO algorithms based on advanced techniques like neural networks and fuzzy logic systems are slowly emerging which are comparatively more robust than the conventional handoff algorithms. The algorithm designed be such that it can deal with dynamic conditions appearing in a wireless scenario.

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