Identification of Drug Target Against Bacteroides Fragilis 638R: Through Insilico Genome Analysis

Singh, Ajeet (2015) Identification of Drug Target Against Bacteroides Fragilis 638R: Through Insilico Genome Analysis. BTech thesis.



Bacteroides fragilis is a Gram-negative, rod shaped bacterium and the most standard anaerobic bacterium creating bacteremia in people. It is a part of the normal endogenous flora in human body and is normally commensal, but can cause infection if displaced into the bloodstream or surrounding tissue following trauma, surgery or disease. In this approach we have found certain target protein which can give rise to novel drug for the B.fragilis disease 638R. All the metabolic pathways which are present in the pathogen but not present in the human are taken as unique metabolic pathways. Here there are five pathways which unique and present only in bacteria. Whole genome sequence of the human pathogen Bacteroides fragilis 638R was explored to identify drugs targets. 526 Total number of protein coding genes were studied from B.fragilis, and 74 gene were having greater than 100 AA( amino acids) in there coding sequence were identified because of less than 100 amino acids in length were most unlikely to represent essential protein, we found 30 genes were identified human non-homologs. These human nonhomologs genes and there encoding protein were categorized on basis of the metabolic pathways involved in the basic survival mechanisms of the bacterium. After that we found 15 human non-homologous essential genes. Among all the human non-homologous essential genes BF638R_1443 , having EC no: is showing best Blast P result. This gene is present in the Cytoplasm and involves in the biological process like Carbohydrate metabolism process , Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis. This in-silico genome analysis provides rapid and potential approach for identification of drug target and designing of drug

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Bacteroides Fragilis 638R, Drug Targets, MSA, Homology Modeling, Drug Design
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