Identification of Phytochemicals Rhinovirus

Meghasmita , S (2015) Identification of Phytochemicals Rhinovirus. BTech thesis.



Human rhinoviruses (HRVs), causative agents for over half of cold and cold like illnesses, also responsible for huge economic loss as it leads to loss in working hours. Our enhanced understanding of the complex genomic structure of the virus has been a direct result of advances in molecular methods and has resulted in characterization of three genetically distinct HRV groups, designated groups A, B, and C, within the genus Enterovirus and the family Picornaviridae. The HRV caused common cold is one of the most widespread viral infections for which no substantial treatment is available till now as there exists more than 100 serotypes of this virus. Research solutions so far have focused on targeting the conserved capsid proteins and the lipids for manufacture of viral membranes. I aim to target the viral RNA replication inside the host by finding a lead molecule obtained from any plant with any known antiviral property; which would bind to the Rdrp (RNA dependent RNA polymerase) site of the virus and hence stop RNA replication from taking place. To achieve this first a library of all the phytochemicals obtained from all the plants having antiviral properties is prepared. Using in silico approach, the phytochemicals are screened for toxicity and then the lead molecule having the highest affinity for the virus is found. Once the lead molecule it identified, Lead optimization is performed which can be used to manufacture a desired drug. Also some structural dynamics analysis are performed on the virus along with the lead molecule and also compared with the structural dynamics of other structural proteins of the body.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Human Rhinovirus, Phytochemicals, Lead Molecule, Docking, Structural Dynamics
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