Nonhost Resistance In Arabidopsis (Pen 2-3, Pen 3-1, Pen1-1, Pen 3-1, 2-3) Against Magnaporthae Oryzae

Dhar, Gyanaseni (2015) Nonhost Resistance In Arabidopsis (Pen 2-3, Pen 3-1, Pen1-1, Pen 3-1, 2-3) Against Magnaporthae Oryzae. MSc thesis.



In India and many countries, most of the people depend on rice, so rice is a staple food of having the economic importance. Many pathogens are present in nature; only for a few pathogens plants are susceptible and resistant. In rice, blast disease is most commonly occurred and a devastating diseases, by which many agricultural loss will be happened. Magnaporthe oryzae, a rice fungal pathogen which infect the rice but it resisted by Arabidopsis plant. The mechanism of rice resistance to blast disease has been studied elaborately and the combination of “rice –Magnaporthe oryzae” patho-system used to describe the plant-microbe interaction easily due to the availability of whole genome sequence and functional genomics approaches. However, “Rice-Magnaporthe oryzae” patho system was used as a model. Arabidopsis is a model plant for studying NHR against several plant pathogens. Here, nonhost resistance in Arabidopsis is studied against rice blast pathogen M. oryzae. The infection in pen 2-3, pen 3-1, 1-1, pen 3-1,2-3 mutants of Arabidopsis were higher in comparison with wild type col-0. This was evident from confocal microscopy. Furthermore, on studying the expression of PR1and PDF1.2, it can be concluded that the pathogen is necrotrophic as PR1and PDF1.2 expression was present.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PTI, PAMPs, PRR,NHR, pen-2 GFP (wild type) , pen 2-3, pen 3-1, 1-1(double mutant) , pen 3-1, 2-3(double mutant
Subjects:Life Science > Biochemistry
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Deposited On:06 Jul 2016 12:51
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