Impacts of Gender and Gender Mix on Pedestrian Fundamental Diagram

Kahali , Dharitri (2015) Impacts of Gender and Gender Mix on Pedestrian Fundamental Diagram. MTech thesis.



Pedestrian movement study can be possible done by different approaches like Investigation of walker movement (field data collection), experimental observation, and conduction of controlled tests and also by creating pedestrian models. All these diverse sorts of studies are subject to develop fundamental diagrams. Movement of pedestrian along a line of the corridor under the closed boundary conditions is the simplest method to know how the different condition influences the fundamental diagram. We have to study diverse angle and distinctive effects which impact person on foot movement, to give better pedestrian facilities and also help in design spaces for human circulation.So, here in this thesis it is aimed to study the impact of gender mix condition on pedestrian at different densities at fundamental level.In this contribution it is studied through fundamental diagram, whether the impact of gender and gender mix condition influence the pedestrian behaviour or not. To conduct the experiment, the simplest system, which is known as the movement of pedestrians along a line under closed boundary conditions (single file movement) is chosen with five different gender mix condition. It is found that the Mean free flow speed is 1.27ms−1 for male pedestrian and it is1.24ms−1for female pedestrians. While walking females are more conscious about their private space than the males. This may be because of contrasts in their self-organizing behaviour. Without any statistical proof one can't tell whether there are contrasts or not. By statistical hypothesis test it is discovered quantitatively that these distinctions exist, recommending the gender and gender mix impact in fundamental diagram

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Fundamental Diagram, Pedestian, Single-File Movement, Z-Test, Anova Test
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