Implementation of a HTTP Web-Server Using VxWorks

Mishra, Samaresh (2015) Implementation of a HTTP Web-Server Using VxWorks. MTech thesis.



In this modern age, embedded systems are one of the most vital needs in each and every field of science and commerce. Starting from the space crafts to the simple mobile phones, embedded systems find their use everywhere. But, unlike the general purpose devices like personal computers, laptops, the embedded systems have very limited resources available with them. For example they have limited primary memory, less computational power and designed to perform a specific function. As these embedded system work in mission critical situations, a proper communication system should be present that allows the user to communicate with the system. The user should be able to download necessary readings, upload required data in to the remotely located embedded system. Further the communication platform should be simple and similar to the internet technology, so that it would be easier to implement it. The main aim of this project to develop such technology. To use a simple and most popular protocol like HTTP and create a web server which could be run in the embedded system. The requirement of the web server is also limited. i.e. it requires an IPv4 cross-platform network library, a C++ compiler, support for connection-oriented BSD sockets and an internet connection. Implementing the server using HTTP protocol would allow the web server to be accessed from many device like palmtop, laptop, personal computers and even mobile phones. This projects basically deals with the development of an HTTP webserver using Vxworks and WIndriver workbench 3.3. The server is supported in most of environment like the windows, Linux and embedded systems. The server supports the HTTP GET, POST and HEAD requests and also provides the HTTP status code just like a simple HTTP web server. The server has been accessed using the web browsers and the necessary outputs were recorded. The windows telnet client was also used to test the server’s ability in processing the HTTP GET, HEAD requests. The status codes obtained were also recorded.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:HTTP status codes, GET, HEAD , BSD sockets , Windriver workbwnch 3.3
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > VLSI
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