Improvised Greedy Algorithm of Sensors Scheduling for Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks

Kumar, Saurabh (2015) Improvised Greedy Algorithm of Sensors Scheduling for Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks. MTech thesis.



Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have many fields of application, including industrial, environmental, military, health and home domains. Monitoring a given zone is one of the main goals of this technology. This consists in deploying sensor nodes in order to detect any event occurring in the zone of interest considered and report this event to the sink. The monitoring task can vary depending on the application domain concerned. In the industrial domain, the fast and easy deployment of wireless sensor nodes allows a better monitoring of the area of interest in temporary work sites. This deployment must be able to cope with obstacles and be energy efficient in order to maximize the network lifetime. If the deployment is made after a disaster, it will operate in an unfriendly environment that is discovered dynamically. The lifetime maximization in sensors network with target coverage can be explained by these statements: How to find the maximum number of sets from all sensors such that each set can cover all the target at any particular instant of time, and then schedule those sets to be active and sleep, so that this arrangement can maximize the lifetime of the network. In this research we have discussed a greedy algorithm that produce maximum number of disjoint sets of the sensors, such that each sensor set is a set-cover.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WSNs, Coverage, Connectivity, Deployment Method, Disjoint Set-Cover, Greedy Method, Improvised Greedy Method
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