Intelligent Robotic Navigation

Tripathy, Siddhartha (2015) Intelligent Robotic Navigation. BTech thesis.



Computer vision is a field of computer science which bridges the gap between hardware and software and the first step towards automation. It deal with the area of machines dependent on motions and their motion strictly rely on the vision i.e. camera. It is also the process of regenerating the physical scenario in computer. It also helps in understanding physical scenario and objects. The scientific aspect of the computer vision deals with extracting information as easily as possible even in conducive environment. In automated system, Computer vision plays a pivotal role while making decisions for the system. It helps in creating map of the environment the system is in. An effective vision system is capable in identifying its environment and its objects effectively and to pass the factors affecting the decisions to the system which will decide the course of action. With limited field of vision it becomes a challenging task for vision part to take into account of all the objects in the area. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, which predicts expected action when system is provided with similar situation to deal with. By the help of computer vision localisation and mapping can be easily done and to act accordingly. The main objective of the project to develop a self-guided bot which is accompanied by its vision will be able to traverse from a given starting point to the destination point by tackling obstacles. It will be guided throughout the process by GPS coordinates from cellular phone to keep it on the track and vision to deal with static as well as dynamic obstacles.

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