A Study of Fuzzy Continuous Mappings

Agrawal, Ashutosh (2016) A Study of Fuzzy Continuous Mappings. MSc thesis.



The paperndeals with the conceptnof semi-compactness in thengeneralized setting of a fuzzyntopological space.We achievena number of characterizationsnof a fuzzynsemi-compact space.The notionnof semi-compactness is furthernextended to arbitrary fuzzyntopological sets.Such fuzzynsets are formulated inndifferent ways and a fewnpertinent properties are discussed.Finallynwe compare semi-compact fuzzynsets with some ofnthe existing types ofncompact-like fuzzynsets.We ultimately shownthat so far as thenmutual relationships among differentnexisting allied classes of fuzzynsets are concerned,thenclass of semi-compact fuzzynsets occupies a naturalnposition in the hierarchy.Thenpurpose of this papernis to introduce thenconcepts of semi*-connectednspaces, semi*compactnspaces.We investigate theirnbasic properties. We alsondiscuss their relationship withnalready existing concepts.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Fuzzy topological spaces,Fuzzy continuous functions,Semi*-connectedness,Fuzzy weakly compact spaces
Subjects:Mathematics and Statistics > Topology
Divisions: Sciences > Department of Mathematics
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Deposited On:15 Nov 2016 17:38
Last Modified:15 Nov 2016 17:38
Supervisor(s):Behera, A

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