A Study on Efficient Receiver Design for UWA Communication System

Bharti, Pragya (2016) A Study on Efficient Receiver Design for UWA Communication System. MTech thesis.



Underwater Acoustic Channels are fast varying channel according to environmental conditions and exhibit strong random fluctuations in amplitude as well as phase due to reflection, refraction, and diffraction. Due to these highly space, time and frequency dependent channel characteristics, it is very difficult to establish reliable and long-range underwater acoustic communication. In this project, channel modeling has been done showing the different channel characteristics of underwater and their dependencies on frequency, temperature, pressure, salinity etc. Also, it has been shown through some theoretical and practical results that the nakagami fading is the best suitable generalized fading to be used in underwater. In this research work various techniques such as equalization, pilot based OFDM and LDPC Coding has also been done to mitigate the channel fading effect and to improve the performance. An adaptive equalizer has been implemented through three different algorithms LMS, NLMS and RLS for linear as well as non-linear channels to mitigate ISI and, their convergence characteristics along with bit error rate performance has been compared. Two types of pilot insertion, block and Comb type has also been done while implementing OFDM. Block type pilot based OFDM is suitable for slow fading and comb type pilot based OFDM is suitable for a fast fading channel. As in underwater, both types of fading exist, hence, lattice type pilot based OFDM is the best suitable for underwater acoustic communication. LDPC channel coding through which almost Shannon capacity performance can be achieved; has also been implemented taking nakagami channel fading. Bit error rate performance has been compared for different LDPC decoding techniques and for different code rate.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:LDPC; OFDM; LS; MMSE; Nakagami
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Wireless Communications
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Supervisor(s):Deshmukh, Siddharth

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