Animal Migration Optimization Algorithm Applied to Antenna Synthesis

Sangeetha, Ambati (2016) Animal Migration Optimization Algorithm Applied to Antenna Synthesis. MTech thesis.



In this thesis an Optimization Algorithm that is animal migration algorithm have taken and applied to antenna synthesis. This algorithm is a swarm intelligence technique which is an artificial intelligence technique, based on the self-organized system’s behavior. Optimization is nothing but getting a best solution from all possible solutions. If a situation is arises where there are lot of parameters are playing an important role in a problem then optimization is required to get the best solution. This Animal Migration Optimization algorithm evaluated from animal’s behavior. There are two processes involved in this algorithm. In the first process, how animals will move from the present position to a new position which is based on a neighborhood scheme which followed by ring topology. In the second process checks whether animal should stay in the group or not which is based on probability which is calculated based on the quality of fitness. This algorithm applied to antenna synthesis. To verify this AMO algorithm which is applied to antenna synthesis, convergence curve and AF plots for symmetric, Asymmetric and Circular geometry of antenna arrays are employed. For circular array geometry with 10 number of elements distance optimized, excitations and both optimized at a time. The proposed method has been compared with other optimization algorithms like CSO(cat swarm optimization)algorithm and PSO(particle swarm Optimization)algorithm and finally sensitive analysis is employed. Different distributions applied to AMO algorithm and finally worked out distribution explained. Convergence curve is shown for all distribution. Later this thesis pattern multiplication Concept explained when isotropic elements are replaced by anisotropic elements (for example micro strip antennas) where frequency of Operation comes into picture in such cases pattern multiplication Concept arrives. Introduction to Patch antenna and Design Considerations and polarization explained.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:AMO,Linear antenna array(LAA),Cat swarm optimization(CSO)algorithm,Paricle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm
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