Evaluation of Defluoridation of Water with Few Adsorbents by Batch Sorption Studies

Behera, Kumar Chand (2016) Evaluation of Defluoridation of Water with Few Adsorbents by Batch Sorption Studies. BTech thesis.



Over the excessive intake of fluoride, generally through drinking water is a valid flourishing danger influencing people the worldwide. There are two or three systems utilized for the Defluoridation of drinking water, of which adsorption strategies are for the most part thought to progress in light of their possibility, effectiveness, convenience, environmental reasons. In this, we exhibit an expansive and a key composed work survey on different adsorbents utilized for defluoridation, their relative adequacy, instruments and thermodynamics of adsorption and suggestions will be settled on the decision of adsorbents for different circumstances. Impacts of pH, temperature, imperativeness and existing together anions on Fluoride adsorption are like way assessed. Laboratory studies were done to review the chemical behavior of activated alumina and magnesium oxide as a defluoridating materials by the Batch studies. Since the adsorption is phenomenally delicate into an extremely low or high pH values, depending upon the adsorbent, acids or salts are utilized to desorb Fluoride and recover the adsorbents for reuse. Regardless, adsorption capacity largely decreases with the rehashed utilization of the recovered adsorbent. Future examination is to look into astoundingly convincing, inconsequential effort adsorbents that can be effortlessly recovered for reuse more than a couple cycles of the operations without first loss of adsorptive limit.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Activated alumina, Fluoride, Defluoridation capacity, Regeneration, Sorption mechanism
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Environmental Engineering
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Chemical Engineering
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