Design Techniques of Energy Efficient PLL for Enhanced Noise and Lock Performance

Nanda, Umakanta (2016) Design Techniques of Energy Efficient PLL for Enhanced Noise and Lock Performance. PhD thesis.



Phase locked loops(PLLs)are vital building blocks of communication sys-tems whose performance dictates the quality of communication.The design of PLL to o_er superior performance is the prime objective of this research.It is
desirable for the PLL to have fast locking,low noise,low reference spur,wide lock range,low power consumption consuming less silicon area.To achieve these performance parameters simultaneously in a PLL being a challenging
task is taken up as a scope of the present work.A comprehensive study of
the performance linked PLL components along with their design challenges is made in this report.The phase noise which is directly related to the dead zone of the PLL is minimized using an e_cient phase frequency detector(PFD)in this thesis.Here a voltage variable delay element is inserted in the reset path of the PFD
to reduce the dead zone.An adaptive PFD architecture is also proposed to have a low noise and fast PLL simultaneously.In this work,before locking a fast PFD and in the locked state a low noise PFD operates to dictate the phase di_erence of the reference
and feedback signals.To reduce the reference spur,a novel charge pump architecture is proposed which eventually reduces the lock time up to a great extent.In this charge
pump a single current source is employed to reduce the output current mis-match and transmission gates are used to reduce the non ideal e_ects.Besides this,the fabrication process variations have a predominant e_ect on
the PLL performance,which is directly linked to the locking capability.This necessitates a manufacturing process variation tolerant design of the PLL.In
this work an e_cient multi-objective optimization method is also applied to at-tain multiple optimal performance objectives.The major performances under consideration are lock time,phase noise,lock range and power consumption.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Phase locked loop(PLL); Phase frequency detector; Charge pump; Loop lter; Voltage controlled oscillator(VCO); Frequency divider; Lock in time; Lock range; Phase noise; Power consumption; Reference spur; Dead zone; Delay element; Dual PFD; Adaptive frequency calibration technique
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