Development of Efficient Intensity Based Registration Techniques for Multi-modal Brain Images

Pradhan, Smita (2016) Development of Efficient Intensity Based Registration Techniques for Multi-modal Brain Images. PhD thesis.



Recent advances in medical imaging have resulted in the development of many imaging techniques that capture various aspects of the patients anatomy and metabolism. These are accomplished with image registration: the task of transforming images on a common anatomical coordinate space. Image registration is one of the important task for multi-modal brain images, which has paramount importance in clinical diagnosis, leads to treatment of brain diseases. In many other applications, image registration characterizes anatomical variability, to detect changes in disease state over time, and by mapping functional information into anatomical space. This thesis is focused to explore intensity-based registration techniques to accomplish precise information with accurate transformation for multi-modal brain images. In this view, we addressed mainly three important issues of image registration both in the rigid and non-rigid framework, i.e. i) information theoretic based similarity measure for alignment measurement, ii) free form deformation (FFD) based transformation, and iii) evolutionary technique based optimization of the cost function. Mutual information (MI) is a widely used information theoretic similarity measure criterion for multi-modal brain image registration. MI only dense the quantitative aspects of information based on the probability of events. For rustication of the information of events, qualitative aspect i.e. utility or saliency is a necessitate factor for consideration. In this work, a novel similarity measure is proposed, which incorporates the utility information into mutual Information, known as Enhanced Mutual Information(EMI).It is found that the maximum information gain using EMI is higher as compared to that of other state of arts. The utility or saliency employed in EMI is a scale invariant parameter, and hence it may fail to register in case of projective and perspective transformations. To overcome this bottleneck, salient region (SR) based Enhance Mutual Information (SR-EMI)is proposed, a new similarity measure for robust and accurate registration. The proposed SR-EMI based registration technique is robust to register the multi-modal brain images at a faster rate with better alignment.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Image registration;Multi-modal images;Mutual information; Spline interpolation;Evolutionary optimization techniques.
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Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Image Processing
Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Image Segmentation
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