Real-Time Visual Servo Control of Two-Link and Three DOF Robot Manipulator

Sharma, Shobhit (2016) Real-Time Visual Servo Control of Two-Link and Three DOF Robot Manipulator. MTech thesis.



This project presents experimental results of position-based visual servoing control process of a 3R robot using 2 fixed cameras. Visual servoing concerns several field of research including vision systems, robotics and automatic control. This method deal with real time changes in the relative position of the target-object with respect to robot. It is have good accuracy with independency of Manipulator servo control structure from the target pose coordinates are the additional advantages of this method. The applications of visually guided systems are many: from intelligent homes to automotive industry. Visual servoing are also useful for a wide range of applications and it can be used to control many different systems (manipulator arms, mobile robots, aircraft, etc.). Visual servoing systems are generally divide depends on the number of camera, on the position of the camera with respect to the robot, on the design of the error function to robot. This project presents an approach for visual robot control. Existing approaches are increased in such a way that depth and position information of block or object is estimate during the motion of the robot. That is done by the visual tracking of an object throughout the trajectory. Vision designed robotics has been a major research area for more time. However, one of the open and commonly problems in the area is the requirement for exchange of the experiences and ideas. We also include a number of real–time examples from our own research. Forward and inverse kinematics of 3 DOF robot have been done then experiments on image processing, object shape recognition and pose estimation as well as target-block or object in Cartesian system and visual control of robot manipulator have been prescribed. Experimental results obtained from real-time system implementation of visual servo control and tests of 3DOF robot in lab.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Position-based visual servoing; Forward and inverse kinematics; Manipulator; Cartesian space; Camera
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Image Processing
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electrical Engineering
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