Effect of Graphene Quantum Dots on Health and Environment: Implications for Everyday Life

Singh, Kanwar Abhay (2017) Effect of Graphene Quantum Dots on Health and Environment: Implications for Everyday Life. MTech thesis.



Organic nanomaterials are carbon-based materials, which have dimensions in the range of 10-9 metres and are being utilised in a myriad of commercial applications. Quantum dots are unique particles with the size less than 10 nm. These particles have found to have excellent physicochemical properties as well as photolumincent abilities. However, the effect of continuous exposure to these particles has not been studies. Furthermore, more the production of these GQD from sources such as cigarette ash or fuel exhaust has not been reported.
In this work we have attempted to understand the effect the of long-term effect of exposure to the GQD by estimating the in vitro cytotoxicity of the GQD by assays such as MTT, TBARS, ROS generation and the effect on protein misfloding over a period longer than hours.
Further, we have tried to understand the effect that these particles have on the natural environment in terms of their effect on freezing point depression of water, the effect of the GQD on the biofilm formation as and health effects such as calcification of the arteries due to aggregation of calcium salts on the GQD particles.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:quantum dots; Cytotoxicity
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