Mathematical Model for Enhanced Production of Bacoside Using Batch Cultivation for Bacopa monnieri

Mohammed, Noor (2017) Mathematical Model for Enhanced Production of Bacoside Using Batch Cultivation for Bacopa monnieri. MTech thesis.

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Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri, Family: Scrophulariaceae) widely distributed in wetland countries such as Asia, America, and Australia, is used as insanity, psychosis, insomnia, epilepsy, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Active compound saponins of this plant, Bacoside are widely used for boosting memory and combating stress. Memory enhancing properties of this compound had huge market demand as compared to its production. Callus was induced on MS basal media fortified with α-napthalenacetic acid (0.5 mg/L) and N6-benzylaminopurine (0.1 mg/L ). Every 2-week callus was
subcultured in fresh MS medium. Optimized media was used for the maximal production of biomass/product. Suspension culture was established to find out biomass growth, substrate consumption, rate and product formation kinetics parameters. Biomass cultivation was, after that, established in the 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask containing, 1.3 g fresh callus in 200 ml MS callus inducing media. Growth-limiting substrate sucrose decreased till 30 days. Nitrate and phosphate concentration decreased continuously decreased till the 15th day. Biomass and secondary metabolite (Bacoside) increased throughout the process. After suspension culture, callus was dried at room temperature, and the amount of Bacoside was estimated in HPLC. In the 30 days of suspension culture study, 15.025 g/l fresh weight of callus was measured at the end of the process. Kinetic parameters were utilized further for development of a mathematical model to get optimium yield of secondary metabolite production. In this batch kinetic study, maximum Bacoside production (3.484 mg/l) was calculated. Rosenbrock optimization algorithm optimized the batch kinetic parameters. The Bacoside was found to be mixed growth-associated product with optimized specific growth rate(0.0721 d-1) in the batch cultivation of the Bacopa monnieri.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Bacopa monnieri; Bacoside; boosting memory; cultivation; kinetics
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