Compaction Characteristics of Fly Ash and Pond Ash

Kumar, Ratnesh (2017) Compaction Characteristics of Fly Ash and Pond Ash. MTech thesis.



This study is based on compaction characteristics of Fly ash and pond ash. In thermal power plants, there are three kinds of ash formed named as (a) pond ash, (b) fly ash, and (c) bottom ash. Fly ash is one of the products of coal combustion, consisting of the fine particles that are determined out of the boiler with the flue gasses. The ash falls to the bottom of the boiler is called bottom ashes. In existing coal plants, generally,fly ash is captured by electrostatic precipitators and other clarified particles equipment before reaching the chimney. Pond ash is the by-product of thermoelectric power plants, which is recognized by means of an unused material and disposal is an important environmental issue and also needs a lot of removal regions. Several factors influence the dry density of Fly ash and Pond ash such as specific gravity, moisture content, compaction energy, layer thickness and mold area. The difference of the OMC and MDD of Fly Ash (collected from NTPC kanhia, Odisha) according to the standard proctor compaction energy is 0.90 – 1.59 gm/cc and 18 - 27%, respectively. This difference of the OMC and MDD of Pond ash as per standard proctor compaction energy at the level of 0.856 – 1.248 gm/cc and 33 - 46%, respectively. The study was that variation in these factors influencing the dry density of fly ash and ash pond significantly and to determine the Geotechnical properties of pond ash and fly ash.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Fly ash; Pond ash; MDD; OMC; Proctor test
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