CFD Simulation of Mixing And Segregation in a Tapered Fluidized Bed

Patro, Deepali (2008) CFD Simulation of Mixing And Segregation in a Tapered Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.



Fluidization of different materials results either in a well-mixed or a segregated bed. Depending upon the operating conditions, smaller particles (floatsam) tend to rise to the bed, and larger particles (jetsam) tend to sink to the bottom of the bed. The tapered fluidized bed can be used to overcome certain draw backs of the gas-solid system because of the fact that a velocity gradient exists along the axial direction of the bed with increase in cross-sectional area. To study the dynamic characteristics of the homogenous mixture of regular and irregular particles several experiments have been carried out with varying compositions.The particle flow pattern and granule segregation in tapered fluidized bed have been studied by first fluidizing the beds of varying total mass and granule fractions and then defluidize them suddenly to freeze the composition, section the bed in layers, and determine the composition in each layer by sieving. A series of unsteady, three-fluid CFD simulations were performed using FLUENTTM 6.2. Simulation parameters viz. solution technique, grid, maximum packing fraction and operating conditions like gas velocity were each investigated for the relative effects on particle mixing and segregation. Good agreement of solid volume fraction profile was obtained between the experimental results and simulation results for regular particles

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Fluid Dynamics, fluidized beds
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