Efficient Implementation of Low Complexity High Throughput QR Decomposition for MIMO Systems

Behera, Sarat Kumar (2017) Efficient Implementation of Low Complexity High Throughput QR Decomposition for MIMO Systems. MTech thesis.

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MIMO techniques have been widely adopted to increase the data transmission rate or to improve the quality of services(QoS) in recent wireless communication system. thus MIMO signal processing plays an important role and attracts much attentions in system design, regarding both aspects of performance and implementations.to deal with the multi-dimensional signals, matrix inversion or triangularization is often required. Consequently, QR decomposition is an essential tool to achieve the goal. For example QR decomposition has been utilized in the precoder of the transmitter to convert a MIMO-OFDM channel into layered subchannels. it is also needed to pre-process the signal to be detected by MIMO sphere decoders. Besides, MIMO signal detection can be accomplished simply by QR decomposition. Hence to meet the demands of a high transmission rate, a high throughput QR decomposition module is necessary.
This thesis presents a design to achieve high performance QR decomposition, using the given’s rotation. It utilizes a new 2-D systolic array architecture with pipelined processing elements, which are based on the COrdinate Rotation Digital Computer(CORDIC) algorithm. CORDIC computes vector rotations through shifts and additions. This approach allows a continuos computation of QR factorizations with simple hardware.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:MIMO; CORDIC; Given's rotation; QR decomposition; Latency; Throughput
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