Intelligent drone system for Pesticide Spraying application

Khan, Faisal (2017) Intelligent drone system for Pesticide Spraying application. MTech thesis.

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The aim of the project is to make an intelligent drone system for pesticide spraying application. The agriculture is one of the most important sectors and any advancement in the field of agriculture is very important. The system consists of two major subunits namely:
a) The drone system in the form of the quad copter.
b) The pesticide spraying system.
The drone carries the whole spraying system over each and every part of the crop according to the input given to it by us. The drone hovers above the crop at a fixed vertical height from the ground. The Ultrasound sensor is used to measure the distance of the top most point of the crop from the nozzle, fitted at the bottom of the sprinkling system. Based on the output sent by the Ultrasound sensor the exit velocity of the pesticide from the nozzle is selected. The range of the exit velocity that can be obtained is set by the submersible pump that we will choose. In our prototype we are using the 12V DC submersible pump. This will help to pump the pesticide through the nozzle over the crop. We are trying to implement the variable rate of spray from the nozzle exit, and the above mechanism helps in achieving the same. The drone system has parts like GPS sensor, telemetry Radio link system, Flight controller and RC (Radio Controlled) remote. The flight controller has been embedded with the most advanced firmware that it controls a lot of things simultaneously during the flight. We can integrate the GPS to figure out the current location of the UAV and to follow the given path in the field. The pesticide spraying system is integrated with the drone by RC remote which has several channels for both flight control and any other purposes also.

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