Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture in Cement Industry

Ahmad, Md Minhaz (2017) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture in Cement Industry. MTech thesis.

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Cement production is one of the most energy intensive and huge pollutant emission process it also consumes approximately 15% of total energy used by all other industries. It contains CO2, NO2, SO2 emission and also some metal discharge from the production of cement which cause greenhouse effects. Cement industry devote around 7% of the total worldwide CO2 discharge. It has been noticed that around 1 tonnes of CO2 is produced for a ton of cement production depending on the variety of fuels use. Discharge of CO2 directly comes from the burning of fossils fuel and from calcination of limestone into calcium oxide. The aim of this paper is to capture CO2. Therefore, there are many technologies for CO2 capture process some of them are (i) cryogenic method, (ii) post combustion capture technique, (iii) pre combustion technique, and (iv) oxyfuel combustion technique etc. In this paper MEA technology is used for capturing CO2, in this technology it is chosen a feasible technique for CO2 captured from a low pressure flue-gas stream due to its fast reaction along CO2, and also raw materials is cheaper compared to alternative amines.
This paper contains simulation using Aspen Plus for CO2 capture using MEA solvent. It contains three cases for the simulation for CO2 capture process. (i) The industry run at highest load, (ii) the industry run at average capacity, (iii) the industry run at lowest capacity. The sensitivity simulation has been carried out for percentage recovery and lean loading and various tray combination of absorber as well as stripper.

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