Dynamic Analysis on Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Micro-Drilling of Multi Layered Materials Using ABAQUS Explicit

Teja, Tanelanka Brahma (2016) Dynamic Analysis on Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Micro-Drilling of Multi Layered Materials Using ABAQUS Explicit. MTech thesis.

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Micro drilling can be accomplished in either by conventional drilling or by special innovation known as ultrasonic assisted drilling. In the present study the effects of output requirements in drilling of multi-layered materials is investigating through an interface of Finite Element interface ABAQUS Explicit. In examining the effects of output requirements such as thrust force, torque developed, and stress zones in workpiece the present analysis evaluates the Finite Element model of conventional and Ultrasonic assisted vibrational micro drilling. To evaluate the accuracy of Finite Element analysis of UVAMD, it is validated with the mathematical model of UVAMD. In this investigation a Three Dimensional Finite element analysis is assessed and depends on Lagrangian formulation which pretends the drilling simulation. The mass effects and inertia effects are included in this Finite element Analysis. Since the analysis possess dynamic characteristics, it targets to simulate drilling process. To diagnose the damage initiation and damage evolution in Printed Circuit board as work material, the present study implemented Johnson’s cook damage criteria and Hashins failure criteria for copper and FR4 epoxy GFRP laminate respectively to forecast the induced thrust forces, torque, and stress distributions. Thermal effects are not considered in this model. The percentage reduction of values of output parameters in FE model of UVAMD are evaluated through varying feed rates and rotational speeds are displayed in this study. The results of FE model of UAVMD has been validated with Mathematical force model.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Finite Element dynamic analysis; Ultrasonic assisted micro drilling simulation; Conventional micro drilling simulation; Printed circuit boards
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Industrial Design
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