Design of Microstrip Antennas for Satellite Applications

Nayak, Rajesh (2016) Design of Microstrip Antennas for Satellite Applications. MTech thesis.

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Wireless communication have been developing with an astounding rate over the past couple of years & wireless terminals for future applications are obliged to provide different services. This rising interest prompts the requirements for antenna ready to cover numerous transfer speeds or a ultra-wide data transmission for different application.
The goalAof this thesisAis to designaand analysis the MicrostripaPatchAntennaawhich covers the triple Band with resonant frequency 1.31 GHz, 3.02 GHz and 3.34 GHz. Thisathesis covers studyaof basics andafundamentals of microstripapatch antenna. Aaseries of parametricastudy were done toafind that how theacharacteristics of theaantennadependsaon its various geometricalaand other parameters. Theavariousgeometricalaparameters of theaantenna are the dimensionsaof the patchaand ground planesaand the separation betweenAthem and itaalso includes the dielectricaconstant of theasubstrate material. The parametricastudy also contains the study of differentatechniques for optimizingathe different parameters ofaantenna to get the optimum resultsaand performance. This is aasimulationbasedastudy. The design andasimulation of theaantenna is carried out usingaFDTD method in MATLAB and by using ansys HFSS
We proposed a design of multi inset-fed patch antenna with C-slot in ground plane by appyling FDTD method is presented in this article. The antenna consists of 6 number of insetfeed in the patch and C-Shape slot in ground plane, Finite-Difference Time-Domain analysis of the antenna are presented. The parameters of the antenna are designed and simulated using MATLAB. The return loss,resonant frequency and bandwidth shows that the antenna is well suited for applications.
Now, we proposed a design multi-band circularly-polarized micro strip antenna is to be proposed in this term paper. The antenna is made up of two simple patches with different shape. Both the patches are placed on one substrate with simple arrangement. The Centre patch with four Tshaped slits is used to obtain dual-band operation at two different frequency. The outer inset fed patch with two square slits can work at another band. The antenna is excited with the help of two feeding points which is satisfy the port isolation. The antenna is very compact and very easy to fabricate. Simulated results show that the antenna can be generate circular polarized in the three different bands with sufficient bandwidth and can be satisfy satellite communication.

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