Vibration Analysis of Gear Mesh using Finite Element Method

Mishra, Mradul (2016) Vibration Analysis of Gear Mesh using Finite Element Method. MTech thesis.

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Gears are widely used in Machines and Mechanisms. One of the key advantages of gears is having very low fluctuation in speed transmission, but there are several drawbacks also in gears, vibration is one of the main difficulties of gears since load transmission fluctuation is too much high during the meshing of teeth. In this study, motion transfer has been considered between two Involute profile Spur gears mounted on two different shafts. The main objective of the study is to get the frequency of vibration at top node of all four clamps because clamps can be managed by shock-absorbers. One more objective of the study is to obtain the signals of vibration at the top nodes of all four clamps. The analysis is done by using finite element method. “Hunting Tooth Frequency” of gear box has been considered same as rotation frequency of gear box for analysis. Since there are various types of defect also may occur in gear tooth because the tooth is most force bearing elements in the gears, so tooth of gears generally affected by fatigue failures, which generally affect the transmission of motion and power in the gear box. Minor damage in gear teeth profile lead to high chattering, noise and vibration and fluctuation of the load at that particular failure point get increased and at one position, teeth get failed. So for analysis, this case also has been considered for simple spur gear box.
A defected tooth has been considered in driving gear. After that having almost same conditions, the analysis is done by the author for defected gearbox also. In results, the amplitude of acceleration at input shaft and at output shaft shown in both cases (with considering X, Y, Z components also) and the result is compared with using the graph with Amplitude of Acceleration and time. Results are verified by comparing “Hunting Tooth Frequency (HTF)” using the analytical method and single sided amplitude spectrum of the gear box.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Hunting Tooth Frequency (HTF); Profile; Defect; Gear box
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