Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation of Oxidizer Booster Turbopump for Semicryogenic Engine

Thomas, Basil George (2016) Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation of Oxidizer Booster Turbopump for Semicryogenic Engine. MTech thesis.

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Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre is developing the 2000 kN thrust Semicryogenic engine for Indian Space Research Organisation to power the core stage of the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle and the Reusable Launch Vehicle. Turbopump is a critical system which is responsible for the continuous supply of propellants from stage tanks to the thrust chamber at required pressure and flow rate. Cavitation occurring within the main pump is a serious issue which may lead to the failure of mission, so to avoid cavitation a booster pump is employed. The Semicryogenic oxidizer booster turbopump consists of an inducer pump and a partial admission gas turbine. Liquid oxygen act as the working fluid for the pump and an oxidizer rich combustion product as the turbine fluid. In the present study flow through the oxidizer booster turbopump for semicryogenic engine at nominal operation (100% engine thrust), de-rated condition (60% engine thrust) and up-rated condition (105% engine thrust) is simulated using the commercial Ansys CFX package. The pressure, temperature and velocity distribution throughout the booster pump and gas turbine is analysed. The head rise, power developed and efficiency is calculated for each operating condition. The simulation is also validated by conducting the cold flow test at the Semicryogenic test bay.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Semicryogenic turbopump; Oxidizer turbopump; Inducer; Partial admission gas turbine; Tip turbine
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