Secure Split Test for Preventing IC Piracy by Un-Trusted Foundry and Assembly

Gorrepati, Hanumantha Rao (2015) Secure Split Test for Preventing IC Piracy by Un-Trusted Foundry and Assembly. MTech thesis.



In the era of globalization, integrated circuit design and manufacturing is spread across different continents. This has posed several hardware intrinsic security issues. The issues are related to overproduction of chips without knowledge of designer or OEM, insertion of hardware Trojans at design and fabrication phase, faulty chips getting into markets from test centers, etc. In this thesis work, we have addressed the problem of counterfeit IC‟s getting into the market through test centers. The problem of counterfeit IC has different dimensions. Each problem related to counterfeiting has different solutions. Overbuilding of chips at overseas foundry can be addressed using passive or active metering. The solution to avoid faulty chips getting into open markets from overseas test centers is secure split test (SST). The further improvement to SST is also proposed by other researchers and is known as Connecticut Secure Split Test (CSST). In this work, we focus on improvements to CSST techniques in terms of security, test time and area. In this direction, we have designed all the required sub-blocks required for CSST architecture, namely, RSA, TRNG, Scrambler block, study of benchmark circuits like S38417, adding scan chains to benchmarks is done. Further, as a security measure, we add, XOR gate at the output of the scan chains to obfuscate the signal coming out of the scan chains. Further, we have improved the security of the design by using the PUF circuit instead of TRNG and avoid the use of the memory circuits. This use of PUF not only eliminates the use of memory circuits, but also it provides the way for functional testing also. We have carried out the hamming distance analysis for introduced security measure and results show that security design is reasonably good.Further, as a future work we can focus on: • Developing the circuit which is secuered for the whole semiconductor supply chain with reasonable hamming distance and less area overhead.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Physical Unclonable Function; Counterfeit ICs; Supply chain; Ring oscillator; Hardware security
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Cryptography
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