Assessment of Operators Exposure to Whole Body Vibration in Iron Ore Mines

Verma, Anmol (2018) Assessment of Operators Exposure to Whole Body Vibration in Iron Ore Mines. MTech thesis.

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the vibration levels of different HEMM vehicles operator exposed to WBV, based on ISO standard 2631-1(1997). In mines site, high level of mechanization is used in opencast mines for production of raw minerals, produce high intensity of vibration, which was transmitted throughout the body from vibrating surfaces. The primary objective of the project was to measure the WBV exposure of different heavy earth moving machineries (HEMM) operators at TRB Iron ore mines of JSPL and Katamati & Khondbond Iron ore mines of TATA Steel. From the previous literature review, there is no guideline and legislation for vibration measurement in India. However, we used ISO 2631-1(1997) standard for measuring purpose. The tri-accelerometer instrument was installed on the seat pan of the corresponding vehicle of which the WBV was to be measured and the operator was asked to sit over the instrument properly as described in ISO 2631-1:1997. Then according to the ISO 2631-1:1997 standards, the parameters A(8) and Vibration Dose Value (VDV) were calculated by using the respective equations as mentioned in ISO 2631-1:1997 standard. This was done using the measured RMS value obtains from HVM 100 instrument.
The overall percentage of vibration produce by different mining vehicle in T.R.B iron ore mine, Tensa is as followed by Dumper, excavator and Wheel loader.It was clear from data that highest vibration level was produce by dumper. The overall vibration level of62.5%operator was above exposure limit value (ELV) and 31.25% of operator vibration level was within exposure action value (EAV)and all excavator machines was below exposure action value. Thus, results observed in this study based on two methods A(8) & VDV for assessing the health risk of operators are quite similar depending upon the method applied.
In Katamati and Khondbond of TATA Steel, Dumpers produced higher levels of vibration followed by dozer, Wheel loader and shovel. The A(8) and VDV results show that out of 19 HEMM operator, vibration level of 01 HEMM are above exposure upper limit value, 13 HEMM are medium range and 5 HEMM are within exposure action limits value. The overall vibration level of68.42%operator was above the A(8) value (0.45 m/s 2) and VDV value (8.5 m/s1.75), similarly 5.26% of operator vibration level was above the A(8) value (0.9 m/s 2) and VDV value v(17 m/s 1.75). However, most of the operator was found above the exposure action value that showed low of health risk.
This study can be useful to the mining officials to find the human vibration exposure of various machinery operators and their associated health risks in opencast mines.

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