An Experimental Investigation on Braided Channel Pattern Due to Variation in Discharge

Gurmaita, Shival Kumar (2018) An Experimental Investigation on Braided Channel Pattern Due to Variation in Discharge. MTech thesis.

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Sediment transport rate is measured in a laboratory flumeand measurements are evaluated and compared with previous studies.Sediment transport rate is highly variable withtemporally, despite the constant water discharge and Some valueare repeatedregularity in the timing of fluctuations. Sediment transport rate also varied with discharge but this variation is not linear variations. After comparing the sediment transport rate value measured in the laboratory, and sediment transport rate is computed with the different approaches Einstein modal is moreor less similar.Experimental investigation has been carried out in an open channel flow with sand bed surface of grain size of D50values 0.75 mm bed load conditions.We observedthat total braided intensity is always more than active braided intensity and with increase the discharge both are increases .in channel, onlysome parts are active in which sediment bed load moves. New small channels are formedwith time by erosion,sedimentation andchanges in sinuosity of main active channel to forms braided network. Due to regime properties of river both total braided intensity and active braided intensity become stablefor a given channel forming discharge. When we increase discharge, movementof sediment also increases due to this active braided intensity adjusts quickly. We find that the ratio of active braided intensity and total braided intensity gradually approaches to stable value 0.4-0.5 means that at a time both branches havewater butsediment transported in one branch.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Sediment transport; Shear stress; Bed load; Active braided intensity; Total braided intensity.
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