Three Dimensional Framework from Graphene Quantum Dots &
its Applications

N, Jeyashree (2018) Three Dimensional Framework from Graphene Quantum Dots &
its Applications.
MTech thesis.

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Graphene Quantum Dots are miniature nanomaterial whose ambiguity lies in the genre of dimensions it falls in. Previous literatures exhibit the dimensions of GQD either one or zero. However the average diameter of these miniature Nano materials lies within 1nm to 10 nm. Due to such architecture of the GQDs, it is seen to exhibit certain hallmark characteristics like quantum confinement effect, which is the key reason for its enhanced fluorescent activity. Nano patterns are the recent methods used for the designing Nano electronic devices and Nano circuits. Nano sphere one of the most widely used techniques for Nano patterning where Graphene quantum dots are allowed to form patterns on the surface of any modified or functionalized substrate. Herein we report for the first time the self-assembly of Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) through Pickering emulsion in absence of any modified template. The self-assembly of the GQDs can be attributed to the oil in water emulsion where the organic solvent was hexane. The biphasic system of the GQDs and the organic solvent in 7:3 was ultrasonicated forming emulsion which exhibited the emulsion stabilizing property of GQDs. The emulsion was cross-linked followed by lyophilization which resulted in a three dimensional framework of GQDs. The 3D architecture was evaluated for its biocompatibility as the typical GQDs were reported to be cytotoxic. The findings presented the self-assembling property of the GQDs to form a three dimensional architecture along with its hallmark of being an emulsion stabilizer.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Graphene quantum dots; Pickering emulsion; Self assembly; Biocompatibility
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