Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of Rail and Structural Mill and Different Maintenance Activities

Mohapatra, Mousumi (2018) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of Rail and Structural Mill and Different Maintenance Activities. MTech thesis.

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A steel plant is always a source of high risk. The shop floor is very difficult to work because of the challenging environment like excessive heat, noise, dust and dangerous activity. The level or severity of consequence always depends upon the person who is dealing with it is different for different persons. Only the workers and the safety officer is not responsible for the safety the management also has a vital role, because management is the only source which can impose any rule. The safe culture should be impose from design level of any work place. Achieve maximum production is good but in cost of human life and property damage is not acceptable.
The report is on the basis of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) of Rail and structural mill (RSM) of Bhilai Steel plant. This project consists of the whole process study if the RSM. The processes are accepting input which is in the form of bloom, reheating, rounding, non-destructive testing, shaping, cutting, welding, cooling and finally dispatch. Welding is necessary to form the long rail which is of 130 m and 160 m. All the above process are continuous and contains a lot of hazard. Our duty is to identify that hazards associated with the various processes of the access risk associated with it and providing the control measures, severity and the residual risk assessment parameter. All the above will be calculated from the activity, hazards with it and risk consequences.
The main aim of this study is to enhance safety at the shop floor to achieve the target of Zero accident. My first attempt is to study the different activities and to create a 5x5 matrix for the risk assessment process.
In Rail and Structural Mill, examination of mischance information for finding the reportable, non-reportable and emergency treatment based on unfit period has been done Analysis of information for discovering the helpless age gathering, move insightful, time savvy, body part shrewd and cause astute has likewise been finished. ID of perils, perilous act/dangerous condition has been done and decided the most effective approach to lessen or wipe out risky effect and proposals are given. Hazard can be lessened by pecking order of control i.e. end, substitution, building control, authoritative control and individual defensive gear.

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